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USKN is a news production company started from a marketing consulting agency O’well Media, which was established in 2006.

The company delivers necessary news for Korean-Americans living in the United States to know such as political issues in Washington D.C. to help them easily understand the U.S. politics. The news contents also include information regarding federal, state, and city government policies, social and economical news occurring in the U.S.

USKN brings the most accurate and impartial information to variety of viewers and to better serve the demands, it provides its own contents through offline national television and at the same time through online platforms such as IPTV, YouTube, SNS, and websites.

Our news is already broadcasted throughout the U.S. via 10 different channels run by Asian community including Koreans and Chinese in America as well as via our own YouTube channel and Korean IPTV.

Following is the list of channels USKN Korean and Chinese version news are delivered to its viewers.

Ch 56.9
TME LA 6.2
TME San Francisco 1.8
Creation TV – SF 28.1
WCETV - 31.8 銀視數碼台
中央电视台4 – 31.8
GuangDong TV- 广东国际美洲台 - 31.4
G&E Television - G & E Studio - 44.9 環球東方 (GETV)
(February, 2018)

In the near future USKN news will be aired on multiple channels in the U.S. Providing news that is readily accessible to the viewers by mobile app is in the developing process.

O’well Media, affiliated with USKN, has been executing marketing projects targeting Asian community for over 10 years. The marketing agency is currently doing marketing for USKN as well as multiple Korean and Chinese channels throughout the U.S.

Following is the list of channels O’well Media provides its marketing services to.

Channel Name Region
Creation TV – 6.2 創世電視 Los Angeles
WCETV - 31.8 銀視數碼台 Los Angeles
中央电视台4 - 31.8 Los Angeles
GuangDong TV- 广东国际美洲台 - 31.4 Los Angeles
G&E Television - G & E Studio - 44.9 環球東方 (GETV) Los Angeles
SinoTV - 64.2 華語電視 Los Angeles
HTTVusa – 31.2 漢天衛視 Los Angeles
中天综合台 CH36 Los Angeles
中天娱乐台 CH39 Los Angeles
中天综合台 CH52 Los Angeles
Sky Link TV - 44.3 天下衛視 (國語) Los Angeles Los Angeles
Sky Link TV - 44.4 天下衛視 (粵語) Los Angeles Los Angeles
International Audio-Visual Communication - 44.6 國際衛視(IAVC) Los Angeles
Zhong Want TV - 57.9 中旺電視(ZWTV) Los Angeles
超视台 - 62.6 超視美洲頻道(ETTV) Los Angeles
CTS HD - 64.3 華視美洲電視台 Los Angeles
Global Dragon TV Los Angeles
ETTV- 34.5(东森电视) Los Angeles
LA 18.0 - LA 中文台 Los Angeles
Creation TV – SF 1.8 San Francisco
Creation TV – SF 28.1 San Francisco
CGTN 36.3 San Francisco
SinoTV - 38.2 华语电视 (SinoTV) San Francisco
Uchannel - 1.9 優視頻道 San Francisco
Sky Link TV - 4.2 天下衛視 San Francisco
KTSF - Channel 26 San Francisco
International Audio-Visual Communication - 26.4 國際衛視 (IAVC) San Francisco San Francisco
WCETV - 36.3 CCTV NEWS San Francisco
KAXT - Channel 1 San Francisco
KRON - Channel 4 San Francisco
KMTP-TV - Channel 32 San Francisco
KICU - Channel 36 San Francisco
SinoVision - 24.3 美国中文电视 San Francisco
SinoVision - 24.4 美国中文电视 New York
WMBC-TV - Channel 63 New York
WMBC-TV - Channel 24 New York
WCETV Digital Channel - 55.2 Houston
CGTN Documentary - 61.3 Chicago Chicago
CGTN 61.2 Chicago
CGTN 32.2 Santa Barbara

Your company can advertise its improvements or products through pop-up ads, 30 second commercials or sponsorship statements in USKN Korean News or USKN Chinese News, which are